Always Green

These years, the global weather has been changing dramatically. When the abnormal weather and
phenomenon appeared worldwide, it's also delivering a serious warning for every global citizen.
Furthermore, it's undeniable that the global oil output was getting decreased in the past decade.
It becomes an inevitable crisis for the human society which mainly relies on the oil products.


Foldermate digs into working on Green agenda through the revolution of the product design, the application
of the environment-friendly material, the manufacturing process as well to reduce the energy consumption
and the carbon emission.

Revolution of the Product Development

In the past few years, Foldermate has been devoted to the research and development of the materials
that are earth friendly. Both Black. , Blue. ranges made of 100% pre-consumer recycled material.
Green File range made of of 30% corn complex (PLA), 50% pre-consumer recycled PP material and 20% original
PP material launched in year 2008. ECO file range made of 70% post-consumer recycled and 30% pre-consumer
recycled material launched in year 2011. Furthermore, Eco File features the Tuck-in construction. It's easy assembly so as to avoid the ultra-sonic welding process and reduce CO2 emission.

Improvement of Manufacturing Process

We reduced the energy consumption and the carbon emission during the manufacturing process by implementing the engineering improvement.
We adopted the Cooling Pad system to cool the inside of the factory by wetting the cooling pad and drawing
the air through this pad. Hence, we don't need to rely on the air conditioners extremely.
This system helps us reduce the energy consumption as well.

We will keep our path of sustainability as always!

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