We're committed to maintaining transparency in operations and management. To achieve this, we will provide information about our business operations and performance to our members. Furthermore, every significant decision will be executed after being discussed by our board of directors, and communicated with all of members.

Employees are the most valuable assets. Foldermate is devoted to creating an environment where employees can learn and work with comfort and joy. For example, our welfare committee plans a variety of activities every year, such as incentive tours, movies, reunions, etc. In terms of self-growth, we tailor different programs for every person, like rotation, on-the-job training, and more. In addition, we care for our member's health by providing free physical examinations. Most importantly, we build a stress-free, home-like environment in the workplace.

As a citizen of the world, we do our best on issues of social service for making the world better. When serious disasters destroy people's homes, we will donate to whoever needs help. We also adopt kids through World Vision supported them economically.

Foldermate cares for the environment as well as sustainable development. We are continuing to focus on quality and all of our products are certified by third party international laboratory or institute including Intertek, STR, SGS and so on. By choosing a certified Foldermate product, you are promised a well quality and secure entity.

Foldermate has insisted on an ethical business culture for the past 20 years. We do business with integrity with our suppliers, customers, also we ask our employees to follow ethical principles. By doing this, we can provide customer with quality products, accumulate our good will. Good business ethics will become a foundation stone of sustainable management.

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